Jänku moses baskets

We will explain where Jänku moses baskets have been made, who makes them and their journey to Estonia through Marocco and United Kingdom.


We would like to tell you about Jänku moses baskets. Our baskets have been individually hand woven in Morocco by skilled artisans. Baskets have been woven in Morocco in the same way for many centuries. Originally they were used for transport and storing goods and over the years they have been developed to suit the modern needs. Baskets are made from Dwarf Palm leaves which are collected from the Atlas and Rif mountains in Morocco and are woven and dried directly into the shape of a basket. It takes one artisan two days to make one basket.

The baskets are then fully tested to British standards by an international testing company in the UK. Your Baby’s safety is paramount to us; this is why we re-inspect and further test every basket before they are processed. Once the dressing has been added, they are given a final check before being

The majority of Palm baskets sold in the UK are made in Morocco and the sales of these baskets help keep thousands of families in employment, so thank you. You and your baby can sleep soundly in the knowledge that all of our Moses baskets are made using all of the best materials and conform to British Standards, some of the highest standards in the world. Moses Basket Conforms to BSEN1466:2014.