Our Story

Our story – Our passion for handmade, environmentally friendly, useful and unique products was the reason why Jänku was created. There are a lot of special products in the world that you don’t tend to see in Estonian households. Often we see these products in Pinterest or Instagram and think where can I get them and if we should find the store where they are being sold, they are too expensive.

Jänku has decided to sell moses baskets, because they are not new, but very old and forgotten products in Estonia. Moses baskets can even be seen at the open-air museum, but when we have mentioned them to acquaintances, people have often asked “what are they?”. We are glad that we are able to provide such a great product to fellow Estonians.

Motivation …

Moses baskets are one of the most useful things to have during your baby’s first 6 months. As an aunt of a gorgeous 3-month-old baby, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put baby Iti (on pictures) to sleep in our living room, bedroom, kitchen or on the terrace – depending where I needed to be at the time. And how many times did she almost wake up and I was able to rock her back to sleep. The moses basket fits perfectly between your bedroom wall and bed, where you can easily see your baby during night, pick her up to feed her and rock her back to sleep – all that without having to leave your bed.

As you can see, we are very excited and passionate about this one product. Jänku hopes to find not just beautiful but also useful and safe products for our newborns.

I’m so happy to share this journey with you! We hope to continue to find and design new and useful products that we can add to Jänku’s collection.

“I dream of the day, where my children get to experience at least half of the happy childhood I experienced, where grandma whispered fairytales in my ear under the starry skies, how I played hide and seek until it got dark, days, where the world seemed endless and full of opportunities.”