What to do with a moses basket when your baby is over 9kg?

The main concern about buying a moses basket has been that it has a short usage period – babies weighing up to 9kg. But, in fact, it is possible to use a moses basket longer and for more than just for one purpose.

The 9kg limit is aimed for the moses basket stands and handles. The basket itself can be used until your baby fits, but only on a flat and secure surface and without lifting the basket from handles (when the baby is in it).

During the May holidays I visited my sister and her six months old baby Iti, who is proud owner of two moses baskets. Iti has grown very fast and has already exceeded the 9kg limit. My sister is very sad that she can’t any longer use the moses basket stands as they have proved to be very necessary household items. According to her, folding stand was always folded in their living room corner and used when needed and the rocking stand remained most of the time in their bedroom.

When visiting, I saw that one of the baskets placed in the living room was filled with toys.

I asked my sister if she intended to keep the moses basket and, if so, for what purpose. She said, she was definitely going to keep it for her next baby, but in meanwhile she will use it as a toy basket and to my surprise – Iti loves playing in the basket.


In addition, my sister is excited for the summer, so she could put the basket on her terrace or even take it to picnics.

Iti’s 6-month birthday celebrations were on 1st of May and a couple of older kids came to the birthday party. 3-year-old Viki immediately started playing with the moses basket and spent most of her evening putting her dolls to sleep. My sister and I thought that this moses basket will stay in our family for a long time and it’s nice to see that we have found more usefulness in it than we originally thought.


To our surprise, we found that the family cat also loves to sleep in Iti’s moses basket.